OEM Upgrade Alarms

Upgrade alarms (also known as PLIP alarms or OEM upgrade alarms) function from the vehicles original remote Key Fob. For more details read my Upgrade Alarm Post.

It’s also worth checking the CAN-BUS alarm section to see if your vehicle is listed.

Note: Upgrade alarms are designed for vehicles with an existing Immobiliser and will not qualify for Insurance approval with out one.

If you are considering an upgrade alarm with a battery back-up siren then read this post first!

Note: It should not be possible to disarm your upgrade alarm without the remote (or the PIN code over-ride)

If an upgrade alarm can be easily disarmed without the remote then there is little point in having one. Yet there are many installs I come across where it is possible to disarm the alarm by turning the hazard lights on, then flicking the unlock switch. This is normally due to a poor installation and lack of understanding of how the alarm and vehicle work… Be warned!

More videos on poor upgrade alarm installs can be found here.

List of available Upgrade (PLIP) Alarms

Autowatch 555CLAM

Cobra AB3868

Cobra AK4615

Cobra AK4218 (For Toyota)

Dynatron 4 Series – D4400 – D4600 – D4800

Mongoose MAP80 Series MAP80G – MAP80GNZ – MAP80S

Mongoose “TA” Toyota Alarm (CA1)