Remote Upgrade Alarms

Remote Upgrade alarms are designed for vehicles that have an existing immobiliser but require remote controls to operate it and provide keyless entry. They are also suitable for low-risk vehicles where an insurance standard immobiliser is not required.

If you already have keyless entry and would like an alarm that works from your existing remote then check out the OEM upgrade alarms.

If your vehicle has a factory transponder immobiliser (or an aftermarket immobiliser) but no keyless entry then the following alarms are suitable:

Thatcham CAT 2-1 (Insurance standard alarms systems)

Autowatch 458RL

Cobra AK4698

Cobra AK4198

Cobra AK4615 Note: CAN-BUS/OEM upgrade alarm which can have Cobra remote as an option.

Basic remote alarms (None insurance approved)

Autowatch 279RL

AVS 3010

Mongoose M20

Mongoose M30

Steal Sheild SS450

Viper 3100

Viper 3102V

Viper 3105V

Viper 3305V Two Way Alarm

Viper 3606V Two Way Alarm