High End Alarm/Immobilisers

All the alarms featured here meet with AS/NZS 3749.1:2003 Class A insurance standards (Previously known as a 5 star alarm under the defunct NZSA star rating system) or the respected Thatcham CAT 1 standard.

Features without the jargon:

Immobiliser: Auto-arming dual immobiliser (minimum)

Alarm:  Battery Back-up Siren, door, boot and bonnet protection, internal sensor.

Battery back-up siren: I suggest that the only effective battery back-up sirens are hidden or hard to reach ones. This rules out all the systems that come with an over-ride key. Full explanation found here: http://vehiclesecurity.co.nz/blog/5-star-muppetry

Internal Sensors: Ultrasonics, Microwave, and glass break sensors are all allowed. It is worth noting that glass break sensors are not effective where the windows have an after market tint film (window tinting) fitted.

Remote Controls: Rolling code (all come with two remote controls as standard)

Note: Thatcham CAT 2 to 1 systems are designed for vehicles with an existing approved immobiliser

Remember that a big immobiliser is far harder to install effectively then a small one, plus a battery back-up siren with an over-ride key will put big limitations on where it can be installed. That said a good installation is still a must if the alarm is going to be an effective form of protection.

Below are the latest reviews that cover each alarm system in detail:

Autowatch 446RLi Premium

Autowatch 695CAN (Thatcham CAT 2-1 CAN-BUS ) **


Cobra AB7928 * ( Thatcham CAT 1)

Cobra AK4138 (Thatcham CAT 1)

Cobra AK4198 (Thatcham CAT 2-1)

Dynatron D3800

Dynatron D7800

Meridian 2260

Mongoose M60G

Mongoose M60GNZ

Mongoose M80G

Mongoose M80GNZ

Mongoose “TA” Toyota Alarm (CA1)

Uniden VS2600XR