All the alarms featured here meet with AS/NZS 3749.1:2003 Class B insurance standards (Previously known as a 4 star alarm under the defunct NZSA star rating system)

Features without the jargon:

Immobiliser: Auto-arming dual immobiliser (minimum)

Alarm:  Standard Siren, door, boot and bonnet protection. (optional internal sensor)

Remote Controls: Rolling code (all come with two remote controls as standard)

There are also direct links to each review for more details about the pros and cons of each system.

Of course, the quality of the installation is equally important if the alarm is going to be effective, so take some time before selecting your installer!

Below are the latest reviews that cover each alarm system in detail:

Autowatch 446RiS

Autowatch 446RiSG



Dynatron D3600

Dynatron D7600

Meridian 2600S

Mongoose M60B

Mongoose M60S

Mongoose M80S

Steal Shield SS440

Steal Shield SS440U

Uniden VS1600XR