What is an Immobiliser?

ImmobiliserImmobilisers prevent your vehicle from being hotwired.

This page explains how they work and the different types of immobilisers that are available…

Immobiliser Standards

All the Immobilisers featured here meet with AS/NZS 4601:2003 insurance standards (Previously known as a 3 star alarm under the defunct NZSA star rating system), or the respected Thatcham CAT rating.

This post explains the key differences

Transponder Immobilisers:

The following post explains what a transponder immobiliser is:

Full list of reviewed Immobiliser Systems Below

Transponder Immobilisers:

Autowatch 573PPi

Dynatron D2200

Mongoose M25

Touch Key Immobilisers:

Cobra 8510

Remote Immobilisers:

Autowatch 674Ri

Autowatch Immobiliser

AVS Immobiliser

Cobra 8509 Immobiliser

Dynatron Immobiliser

Meridian Immobiliser

Mongoose Immobiliser